GPS Monitor Premium

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Premium version of GPS Monitor

GPS Monitor is an unique tool that gives you notifications of how many satellites have your location, which will pretty much tell you if you are indeed using you GPS or not.

Since the GPS Monitor is passive service, it will use very few resources, close to 0, even when monitoring.

* Notification icon when there is GPS activity
* Passive notification, almost 0 system resources used
* Notification icon showing
– satellites in view/satellites in fix
– accuracy in m, ft, Mi
* Notification text showing Latitude / Longitude, Accuracy, Current address, Speed, Altitude, GPS time
* Text and audio notification when
– GPS activates or deactivates
– GPS locks or loses the satellite fix
* GPS Keepalive for a custom period of time
* List of applications using the GPS

Gps Monitor Free

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Gps Monitor keeps you informed about your GPS signal. The aplication updates in realtime the number of satellites in view/fix right in the notification bar.

GPS Monitor activates itself when GPS is in use and turns off automatically when GPS is no longer in use.

Automatically starts at boot.

Illyrium Android – Hello World!

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Illyrium Software for android just launched.